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Good dental care and oral hygiene for teenagers starts with brushing your kids’ teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist regularly from around their first birthday.

We will get your child started on the path to a cavity-free lifetime.


Regular brushing and flossing is vital for keeping teeth clean and preventing gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and other oral problems. Ideally, good dental practices should be established in early childhood. However, teenagers may forget to clean their teeth or do it hurriedly, using an incorrect brushing style or for less than the required 2 minutes, as they rush to attend to other things.

It is important to keep an eye on your children and teenagers to ensure that they’re brushing their teeth properly and frequently. Check for signs of poor oral hygiene, such as bad breath, visibly unclean teeth, and bleeding gums and other signs of gum disease, and remind them of the importance of proper oral hygiene – to prevent tooth decay and subsequent tooth loss, to avoid bad breath, to maintain an attractive smile, etc.

  • Getting the right toothbrush – soft bristles, small head, and long handle so it’s easy to reach all the teeth surfaces.
  • Using a pleasant toothpaste.
  • Teaching the proper brushing technique – using a gentle circular motion with the toothbrush placed at 45-degrees to the gum line.

Every individual has unique dental needs and risks, and visiting the dentist regularly will reduce the buildup of plaque through professional cleanings and help to identify any problems early for timely intervention. Depending on your child or teen’s needs, Dr. Scott may recommend various procedures.

For proper assessment of your child or teen’s dental care needs, please book your appointment at Gold River Pediatric Dentistry today.


It is best to have a dental home you can turn to, so that, in the event of a dental problem or emergency, your child is already familiar and comfortable with the dentist who will deliver the treatment.

Our goal is to be your child’s “dental home” – the place where your child will receive all of his or her dental care, including preventive, maintenance, or when need be, urgent treatment. Book your appointment today for your child’s first dental check-up at Gold River Pediatric Dentistry.


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We are proud members of the Gold River community! We prioritize preventative care and work hard to establish lasting relationships with our young patients and their parents.

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Our objective is to optimize the oral health of our patients by not only performing routine professional cleanings, and dental check ups, but also educating parents on how to establish proper oral habits from childhood.

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Our highly trained, experienced, and caring team offer the highest standards of professional and individual dental care.

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We are parents, pediatric dental professionals, and members of the Gold River community. Offering pediatric dentistry from ages 1 to 18, including special needs dentistry and IV sedation.

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