Your Pedodontist can Spot and Correct Harmful Oral Habits in Children

young girl playing with toy wooden plane

Learning is a process of trial and error, never more so than when we’re developing as young children. Children love to experiment — which can have good and bad results. When it comes to eating, drinking, and an overall appreciation of their oral health, children can develop some potentially destructive habits. At the office of […]

Simple Solutions for Your Teething Toddler

mom holding young toddler in her arms while he laughs

Are you looking for an experienced children’s dentist? You’ve come to the right place! At Gold River Pediatric Dentistry, our highly skilled team is current with the foremost research, technology and techniques, and welcomes the opportunity to provide you and your little ones with the state-of-the-art dental care you each deserve. Providing a comprehensive range […]

Start Your Child on a Positive Note

baby girl holding on to her pink hat and smiling

All of us have heard about or experienced in-person the day that small children are sitting in professional stylists’ chairs awaiting their first haircut. Some of the kids are fine with it, while others are apprehensive. The same holds true for a child’s initial visit to a dentist.  It’s natural for children to feel some […]

What to Expect When Your Baby Starts to Teethe

baby with bright blue eyes and blonde hair chewing on a block

Your baby’s first teeth. How you delight in those white, little chiclets as they start to appear! But baby teeth are more than just cute – they serve an important purpose: helping your little one speak, smile and chew properly. They also serve as space holders in the jaw for the eventual emergence of permanent […]